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Kazer and Patch | Episode 1

It’s finally here, after months of work, we finally have something. This 6 minute video, is so much more than that, it’s the start of something amazing. It’s taken so much to get this first video done, and while I’m

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Who is Kazer?

Who is Kazer? Well for starters, he’s one half of the duo starring in the series of the same name, Kazer and Patch. He’s also been the star of the OMG collective YouTube channel for quite some time. In some

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When is a game finished?

With the number of AAA titles released in the past few years that saw unstable releases, it’s no surprise that a lot of us are tired of the bullshit. When a developer releases a game, it should work, no matter

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Kazer and Patch: Series Trailer

It’s been far too long. Here’s hoping we can take this one all the way.

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Halo 2 Anniversary Trailer Comparison (ft. Kazer and Patch)

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New Week + (omgGames)

As E3 approaches, so does an influx of gaming news. To keep you on top of the latest news going into the new week here’s a breakdown of last weeks biggest stories.

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Hakuna Matata – Kazer and Patch Comic

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Kazer and Patch Ep.1 – Kazer Takes Inventory

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Green Ranger Chief, leader of the Spartan Rangers

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Game News Recap 1/31

Here’s a quick recap on the big news from this week.

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