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Prepare to Die, for the third time… for the first time?


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Kazer and Patch | Episode 1

It’s finally here, after months of work, we finally have something. This 6 minute video, is so much more than that, it’s the start of something amazing. It’s taken so much to get this first video done, and while I’m

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Oculus causes a Rift

Among the few standouts of successful Kickstarter campaigns stands the Oculus Rift. Promising a truly great VR experience and fighting off the likes of Samsung and Sony in the race to dominate the VR market leaves Oculus in a rough

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Rick and Morty meets Pokemon. Wait, what?

Adult Swim Games announced today on its twitter page that Rick and Morty would be the stars of a new mobile game next week.  Pocket Mortys looks to channel the style of the Pokemon franchise’s classic titles. Pocket Mortys. Mobile. January 14th.

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Assassin’s Creed Goes to Egypt… Eventually

All of this information is purely speculation at this point, so please take this with a grain of sand (see what I did there?). According to current online rumors, not only is the newest entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise

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Favorite Games of 2015

2015 is over. It’s gone, and it’s never coming back. As we move forward in the loving embrace of 2016, let’s take a less depressing look at our favorite games of 2015. Actually, before I dig into this, let me

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Quality Control: part 1

By definition, quality control is, at its core, the amount of control it takes to maintain the (desirably high) quality of a product or service. Quality control is important, obviously. We expect a level of quality that meets our expectations

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Halo 5 Podcast series

Check out the short Halo 5 Podcast series we put out on YouTube.  

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