Oculus causes a Rift

Among the few standouts of successful Kickstarter campaigns stands the Oculus Rift. Promising a truly great VR experience and fighting off the likes of Samsung and Sony in the race to dominate the VR market leaves Oculus in a rough position. Not only are they left pushing the boundaries to make the experience of using an Oculus Rift a unique one, but in doing so, need the Oculus to be affordable for the VR enthusiast with choices.

Today Oculus announced that it’s flagship device, the Oculus Rift, will cost $599.99 USD. This has made a lot of people angry, and has been widely regarded as a bad move.

Here’s my thoughts… If making this device $600 makes it stand out, and makes it the definitive VR experience we’ve been waiting for, then I’m okay. Of all the research I’ve done, everything has been positive in terms of how well the Oculus Rift pulls off virtual reality. Sure you can argue the cost and say that it’s too much when compared to what’s already on the market. But I can say with complete confidence, that the experience they offer when compared to the Oculus Rift is about what you would expect when comparing your favorite food’s generic rip-off to the name brand product. Sure, it looks like Cinnamon Toast Crunch and kinda tastes like it too, but you can’t deny that Cinnamon Toasters was your second, and slightly more affordable choice.

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