Assassin’s Creed Goes to Egypt… Eventually

All of this information is purely speculation at this point, so please take this with a grain of sand (see what I did there?).

According to current online rumors, not only is the newest entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise supposedly not releasing this year, it will also take place in Egypt. This sounds like a great idea, but lets take a second to consider what can be done with the time spent making the next title. It’s got to be the best. A title sure to take the top spot in the franchise, so in accordance to this, it has to evolve the features that have made the games fun in the first place. Enhanced parkour, new weapons, improvements to stealth, more freedom to decide how you want to deal with every encounter, and most importantly of all, ships.

I know that geographically speaking, Egypt isn’t the first place you think of when you think of sailing on a ship, but allow me to make my case. If they include ships in the newest game it’s sure to bring in fans like me that loved what they had to offer for titles like Black Flag and Rogue. It’s a move that’s going to raise eyebrows, sure, and I can see why people would frown at this idea. Including ships means that not only would you need to make sailing a ship through the Nile feasible (it may already be thing, please forgive my ignorance), but you would also need to put some sort of awkward location on the Mediterranean Sea’s shoreline to act as a weird hub for ship trade and improvement. These things could cause the experience to be tacked on and awkward, so as a countermeasure to said awkwardness, I propose to take the leap, throw some of that convenient as fuck science fiction into the mix, and give us ships that sail… on the sand.




Okay, you got me, this was all an elaborate ruse to use the gif that represented my initial thoughts of the Assassins Creed Egypt game. Happy Monday everyone.


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