Final Fantasy 7 in pieces?

[prepare for sarcasm]

What an outrage! Square, fucking seriously? You have the audacity to remake one of the most beloved games in the history of games, and release it in such a way that guarantees it’s going to stay true, if not improve on, this amazing accomplishment? Where do you get off?

[end of sarcasm]


But seriously, are we really angry about this? This was a huge game in 1997, in terms of acclaim and size, but more specifically size. Does anyone remember how this game came with three discs? Imagine what you’ve seen so far in the latest trailer (shown below), now extend that quality across the ENTIRE game. It makes sense.

I know, I know, each release of the FFVII remake could potentially cost the price of a normal full release, but damn it, if that’s not enough to ensure you that every aspect of this great game will be remade and remastered to its fullest extent, then what is there to complain about? Are you worried that the pieces will be too small? I mean, I guess I can see that. But then again, the average completion time for this game is almost 63 hours. Even if you split this thing up into 10 pieces, those pieces are still comparable to time spent playing a lot of modern games all the way through.Sure you get it in pieces, but you’re actually getting it. This is it guys and girls, this is the Final Fantasy 7 remake of your dreams!

Complain if you want, I’m just excited at the thought of collecting all the releases and putting them in a kick-ass steelbook (take notes Square) that resembles the original PS1 case, complete with a remade insert booklet.


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