Who is Kazer?

Who is Kazer? Well for starters, he’s one half of the duo starring in the series of the same name, Kazer and Patch. He’s also been the star of the OMG collective YouTube channel for quite some time. In some way, shape, or form, Kazer has been the driving force behind everything you see here. What started out as a video game persona, eventually took shape and evolved into a character, complete with his own story and history.


Kazer Progression


However, this only answers a small portion of the question of who Kazer actually is. With Kazer and Patch currently in production, I can’t answer the entire question, but I can say this. Kazer is an anomaly, traveling the outer colonies of inhabited space, doing his best to stay out of the public eye. He’s been working as an “independent contractor” of sorts, making a living to survive and continue to stay under the radar.

Check out the videos below to get caught up on what Kazer and Patch have been up to, and make sure to subscribe to the OMG collective YouTube channel to see the latest Kazer and Patch content. Want early access? You can also go over to the OMG collective Patreon and contribute to the website to get access to everything we make before anyone else.



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