Batman v Superman – Trailer


So, let me get something straight. I like this. It’s weird, because my tastes as far as DC Comics isn’t a forgiving taste.

I don’t like DC Comics. It’s not really a dislike for the characters, but the fact that Superman exists along side the other colorful heroes that populate the DC Comics universe. It’s silly to me. Granted, the concept of superheroes is silly in it’s own right, but a man that has the power to survive a supernova, that is also best buds with these guys…


and doesn’t stop and incarcerate their enemies in a single week, is too silly for me.

Despite this, I actually enjoyed Man of Steel. I like Superman in a universe where he is the only superhero, it gives him a challenge. One man, protecting the Earth, by himself. I was a bit crushed when Batman v Superman was announced, because it made it very clear that this version of Superman was not on his own. Taking all of this into account, my hopes were not high for this film.

So why do I like this? Why am I excited for this? Lets cut right into it. Henry Cavill was a great Superman, Ben Affleck is a great Ben Affleck, reusing Zod as the basis for a new villain works because he lost everything he was fighting for in the last movie, and all of this does well to keep in check that Superman can rip Batman in half if he wanted to, but chooses not to. I like this.

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