Jessica, Get Back Here!

Now re-read the title in pretentious British accent. Netflix seems to be on a solid role of putting out great content and they do it again! We here at OMG collective are not really big fans of reviews or anything. So i’ll just talk about what i liked about the show. I won’t try to spoil too much but I’d recommend still watching before reading any further.

Before I start, let me introduce myself. My name is Ryan Fletcher, I am Steven’s cousin. But most importantly, I do things for OMG collective. Right now I help write for a series coming very soon and hopefully will get to do more. Alright, we got the introduction crap out of the way, here we go.

Jessica Jones is not the greatest, but its enjoyable. A private eye who has super strength and an interesting ex boyfriend. The show has a nice classic Noir feel to it. Which I personally love. I also got to enjoy this show going in completely and fully ignorant about who Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are. So every corner was probably more of a surprise to me than fans of the comic book series. I really don’t know how true the show was to the comic itself but it was a solid TV show. I use the word solid because it didn’t blow me way like Daredevil did. But in all fairness, Daredevil was very unique in its own way.

Jessica Jones does hit on its own goodness though. I was very invested in almost all the characters they introduced. From the junkie neighbor, to Patsy, to Simpson. The show wrote each character being unique and its own fun personality. Just like Daredevil though, the star was easily the villain. David Tennant’s character Kilgrave was such a cool character to watch. The acting is fantastic and character was deep and his story made perfect since. A mind controller who is deeply in love with Jessica and that is probably his greatest weakness and vise versa goes for Jessica. My favorite part about the show has to be the question of what is right and wrong . It’s what I loved about Daredevil and why I’m a massive fan of The Walking Dead. Sometimes what is wrong is probably right for the situation. Playing that line has always been very interesting to me. Plus Luke Cage and Jessica have some pretty intense cable style sex. Which is always a plus!


Well that’s all I got, I’ll make an attempt to post as often as I can and I’ll get better at this whole writing about shit on the internet thing.


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