Digimon Adventure Tri Review

Reunion, Parts 1-4 Review

It’s been three years since the new digidestined kids fought BelialVamdemon (Malomyotismon, for us that watched the english version). Peace returned to the Digital world, but that peace came at a cost; the gate between worlds closed, cutting off the Digidestined from their partners, until now.

As an avid Digimon fan, yet still functional adult, it’s been pretty difficult to contain my excitement about this new series. Yeah sure, despite fading popularity, Digimon has done it’s best to release new shows and games, but you have it admit that it’s attempt to hang on seem a bit desperate. This is why “Tri” is so important, and why this is Digimon the way it was always supposed to be.

Opening with what looks to be the death or defeat of the new kids from Adventure 02, this new iteration sets itself up to be pretty serious. The original 8 Digidestined go about their normal day, dealing with the stress of juggling their schoolwork and hobbies, however, something is amiss. A Digimon has found a way into the real world, which traditionally has never been a good thing, and the series of events that follow bring the groups partner Digimon into the real world to stop this new threat.

Although separated individually into “episodes”, the four parts of Reunion should be viewed as one, and as such, be reviewed as one. Reunion starts with a bit of seriousness mixed with mystery, but is quick to remind you of its classic Digimon quirkiness. Reunion does well to hit the major points of what fans of the original Digimon series have been missing. Touching moments between the kids and their partners, drama amongst the best of friends, Digimon being funny and lovable, and most importantly of all, Digivolution, is all here. Really the only thing that I could stand to have a little more of is answers. Granted, this is the first of what’s supposed to be six movies, so questions will be answered in due time, I just wish I could grasp some of the internal struggles that some of the characters are dealing with (this could also be something that’s lost in translation).

I’ll be honest, as unbiased as I’m trying to be, it’s really difficult to not praise this. Digimon was more to me than just a cool show. It was a story about friendship, and it was even more special to me because I raised my own “Digimon” before even knowing what it was.(see below)


Yes, it does say Digimon, but my inferior child brain thought the word was a weird symbol instead of reading it from the side.

Check out Digimon Adventure Tri over at Crunchyroll.com.

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