Quality Control: part 1

By definition, quality control is, at its core, the amount of control it takes to maintain the (desirably high) quality of a product or service. Quality control is important, obviously. We expect a level of quality that meets our expectations in just about everything in our day-to-day lives. As a content creator, this not only holds true for what I expect from things out of my control, but it also persists in the entertainment I create.

In what may actually turn out to be a series of posts I make, I’ll look at content that I’ve been responsible for, and maybe even some that I haven’t, to examine how quality control plays an important role in the way I create content. I want to stress the “haven’t” part of that sentence. I have no intentions of reviewing someone’s creation to any negative means, I’ll just reference what I can when the situation calls for it.

Let’s go back to 2006, and watch my very first online creation. Be prepared for teen angst and anime. I promise this will get better.



Wow… That was fun…?

Let’s go over what I did wrong in this video…

The most noticeable thing was timing, or lack of timing to be more specific. I remember being frustrated when I was making this because my inexperienced 15 year old brain hadn’t learned how to use Windows Movie Maker.

Next is immersion, I never really like the idea of trying to sync lip movement with a song in something like an AMV, it just never registers properly, and also doesn’t look very pleasing. However, it seems that I attempted it a few times. But the reason I don’t like this is because if this happens in an AMV of an anime that I’ve seen it ruins the immersion of the entire video. That guy didn’t say that, and he sure as fuck doesn’t sound like that.

The last thing I want to highlight is recycling clips. I was doing this before Michael Bay was getting mad shade for it, so I think I got off lucky. Recycling is bad, when you see something once, it’s in, you saw it. When you see that same thing again, but out of the sequence when you originally saw it, that’s bad. It risks taking you out of the experience because even when it’s not extremely noticeable your brain is all like, “HEY! DID YOU SEE THAT?! WE ALREA…. oh hey look, a new thing”. Even if it’s for a split second, you still noticed it and put yourself at risk of taking you from the experience.

Now, lets close this out for now by taking a look at my second video and see if I expressed any quality control and attempted to correct my mistakes.

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