UFC 2 Revised Cover

Okay, so before anyone says that I’m an evil person for doing this, let me just say that If I hadn’t done it someone else would have. I respect Ronda Rousey as fighter, she’s amazing and crazy talented, and could probably… most definitely snap me in half. However, this is fucking hilarious.

Rousey UFC edit

The unfortunate thing about all of this is that it’s become tradition for EA to put someone on the cover of a new game then that athlete suffer some sort of misfortune. Jesus, I keep looking at it… I’m a monster.

In all fairness, from what I’ve seen, the Rousey/Holm fight was more savage than this edit. If Ronda Rousey’s favorite DBZ character is Vegeta, Holly Holm is the embodiment of Goku. Seriously, I think this woman used instant transmission at one point in the fight last night. Holly sent Rousey home in a Saiyan space pod. Now begins Rousey’s intense training regiment and the beginning of a rivalry that will end up with the two fusing together to stop Majin Buu. Was that too far? Yeah, that was probably too far.

Just for reference here’s the original UFC 2 cover. Congrats, Ronda.


Please don’t kill me.

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