Halo 5 New Content Update

Two weeks after a major video game release you can be assured of two things; the hype has finally subsided, and gamer’s are already starting to move on to other games. As this is usually the case, it seems that 343 Industries is fighting to keep Halo 5 in the game and on everyone’s mind. As of writing this, 17 days after release, Halo 5 is already getting a big content update.


Battle of Shadow and Light (this in no way sounds like an expansion to Destiny (right?)) plans to drop next week, bringing with it Halo’s classic 8v8 mode Big Team Battle with four new maps and 48 new Requisition cards. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect…


This is good news, right? Well, for the extreme hardcore minority that is the vocal fan-base, this isn’t that spectacular. Of the four new maps on the way, all four of them are made in Halo’s Forge mode. Which is bad, I think. Never mind the fact that this is extra content provided for free on top of an already finished game, we demand things that don’t look like things we’ll attempt to create ourselves but fail miserably at! I get the attitude towards these maps, however, I don’t think it’s justified. For everyone excited to play the new additions to Halo 5, expect to play the content when it releases sometime next week.

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