Xbox rumors swirl and hint at this years Halo

So… many… rumors…

If you have yet to hear or see anything about the latest rumors circulating the gaming sites of the internet right now, here’s whats going on. A NeoGAF user that supposedly has connections with Microsoft has been dishing out all sorts of information about future plans for the Xbox One. These plans include new versions of the ‘One’ like an optical drive-less console, a 1 TB version, a Titanfall version, and a white version. Along with system rumors there’s quite a bit of info on upcoming games as well, a new Forza Horizon (I #@&*ing hope so), release windows for Fable and Sunset Overdrive, and Halo 2 Anniversary (my body is ready).

Let me just reiterate that these are only rumors. Personally, I could see a cheaper disc-less model happening for the ‘One’. And the Halo 2 Anniversary rumors just add to my own speculation.


Halo fans keep talking about a Halo 5 release for this year with no legitimate implication. Microsoft has released a teaser to show that a Halo game for the Xbox One is happening, but no one said anything about it being Halo 5. My feelings that this release is actually going to be a Halo 2 Anniversary come from this stance; why would Microsoft tease Halo 5 and not say its Halo 5? They wouldn’t, especially right after revealing the Xbox One a month before.

All things aside, it’s okay to get excited about rumors, but we should focus on what we know is ahead. I mean come on… Thief, South Park, Dark Souls 2, Titanfall, Elder Scrolls Online, and this list goes on. Oh 2014, we’ve only just met, but your beginning to be one of my favorites.

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