Microsoft’s Black Tusk acquires ‘Gears of War’


It seems that Microsoft’s newest Vancouver studio has recently acquired the rights to the Gears of War franchise. Despite the mediocre sales for the latest entry Gears of War: Judgement, it looks like Microsoft isn’t giving up on Gears anytime soon. What does this mean exactly? As of right now nothing major, but as for the future of the series this new acquisition ensures that Gears isn’t going anywhere. If you follow devs and publishers you might recognize this strategy from Microsoft’s acquisition of the Halo franchise a few years back, fully obtaining the rights from Bungie Studios and handing them over to their Halo specific team 343 Industries. This kind of move is Microsoft’s way of saying “this is mine…. forever”.

This news has been the source of some confusion however. Black Tusk Studios has been charged with the task of creating a brand new IP, so when news broke about this move sources were quick to question them about the new IP, and if this acquisition is involved in any way. Since its announcement Microsoft officials have stated that this will not interfere with the new IP being developed right now, and that this merely passes the Gears of War torch to a new studio so that Microsoft gets it’s franchise and the previous developer of Gears, Epic Games, is free to work on new projects.

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